Release date:2020-04-11 07:51:30

In the face of severe macro-economy, China's hardware tool industry is actively exploring. Compared with the development of International Hardware tool industry and the current situation of China's hardware tool industry, only by adapting to the market, participating in international competition, aiming at the world's advanced, actively adjusting the product structure and expanding the competition space, can China's hardware tool industry develop.


Although China has nearly 7000 hardware manufacturing enterprises, it is still not a powerful country. From the perspective of historical evolution, the world hardware manufacturing industry has experienced the process of transfer from European and American countries to Japan, Taiwan, India, and from Japan, Taiwan, India to China's coastal Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions. Most of China's hardware enterprises are still based on extensive processing and export trade, Or for the United States, Japan and many other large dealers processing, product value and added value is low.


The hardware tool industry is facing five major changes.


01 change the extensive production mode and transform to the high-quality hardware.


At present, most of the products produced by tool enterprises in Shanghai, a leading city, are old-fashioned holes, rough processing, low energy level and high energy consumption. Most of the enterprises use carbon steel materials as the base of hardware tool production. The profit of the products is about 8-10%, the profit of a pair of steel wire pliers and a pair of spanners is only a few cents, and the selling price is only under 10 yuan. The raw materials used in the production of foreign hardware tools are mainly chrome vanadium alloy steel, and the prices of the high-quality hardware tools are all about 100 yuan, with a price difference of 10 times. This is not commensurate with the status of Shanghai metropolis, while the domestic and foreign businesses, Advanced manufacturing industries are looking forward to high-grade products.


02 change the old face of products to independent innovation.


China's hardware tools products have broad development space. According to reports, a company of American snion tools company produces and distributes more than 3000 kinds of hardware tools, tens of thousands of specifications, equivalent to six times the total of China's tool products. Therefore, domestic enterprises should not always focus on the old products, old faces, and open their minds.


If there is no big breakthrough in variety and style, it will not be able to meet the requirements of the international and domestic market. The variety and quantity of hardware tools products should be greatly increased. We should increase the strength and express delivery of new product development, and quickly fill in the blank of hardware tools products, so that the hardware industry can have new vitality.


03 change the traditional sales mode to the modern sales network.


To establish a modern marketing system, there are seven extensions:


First, it extends to the first-class domestic trade fair and the first-class hardware city, making its products become a platform for all-round display, exchange and cooperation.


The second is to extend to the international direction and attract more foreign businessmen with preferential policies.


Third, it extends to the intangible market, gradually realizes the e-commerce online transaction extension, establishes and expands the online market, and expands the transaction order.


Fourth, it extends to the distribution market.


The fifth is to extend to the chain market and build a chain sub market with unified name, logo and distribution in all parts of the country.


Sixth, it extends to the direction of equipment industry.


The seventh is to set up marketing agencies in other regions, so that they can become the front positions of products to be pushed to other regions.


04 to implement brand strategy.


Luo Baihui, a well-known brand marketing expert in hardware mold industry, believes that enterprises should make brand building plans, increase investment in technical re selection and technological innovation, improve product quality, and develop in the direction of specialized, refined, special and new brands, so as to attract market attention, turn swords into swords, and become one of the world's brands.


05 change the phenomenon of single fight and take the road of joint and cooperative brand.


At present, China's industrial development is changing with each passing day. Hardware tools need to keep up with China's industrial development in order to meet the rapid development needs of all walks of life.


At present, China is in the period of economic transition, and the development of hardware tool industry is also facing great adjustment. We are looking forward to a new look in the hardware tool industry.